• Editors Notes

      "On a bitterly cold and rainy night a friend came to stay. Silence hung heavy in the fading light, and I felt a dread of the long oppressive night ahead. Staring directly at my friend I felt a kind of impatience, of repugnance, of annoyance. I could run away any time. I began to think I really shouldn’t be here, but then, strangely, something began to dissolve inside of me, and my perspective suddenly changed to that of a cat kept in a woman’s room or an insect living in a kitchen.

      If I took photographs, having abandoned my identity as a woman, I think this would leave me with no sense of reality. This doesn’t mean that I take photographs with a conscious sense of being a woman; just as from birth a man is a man, without being simply a woman, for me there is no beginning." The book 'Kittenish' by artist TAMIKO NISHIMUR was published in 2015 by Zen Foto Gallery and explores an intimate meeting. The book is hardback and evideces Japenese printing techniques.


      >Published by Zen Foto Gallery

      >64 pgs

      >24 × 19.2 cm



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