• Strange Plants III Edited by Zio Baritaux

    • Editors Notes

      Strange Plants III is the third book in the award-winning series that celebrates plants in contemporary art. 

      This volume, celebrates plants in contemporary art. Among the work of its 50 artists are large-scale paintings of overgrown cactus gardens, orchids with faces, filmic and otherworldly photographs of water lilies, glitchy textiles of roses sourced from social media, a hyperrealistic tribute to the corpse flower, and much more.

      Themes include pollination, petals, and regrowth, and the book gives special focus to several artists, including Othelo Gervacio, Megan Marrin, Margo Wolowiec, Synchrodogs, and David Axelbank. At once surreal and erotic, abstract and real, it continues a dialogue about how we perceive nature and art as a tool for interpreting and questioning our surroundings.


      >21.5 x 15 cm


      >164 pages

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