• PICTURE NEWSPAPER , Volume 5 Number 1

    • Editors Notes

      Newspaper was started in 1969 by Steve Lawrence, and it ran for nine issues till 1971. It was a small press publication that spotlighted work by figures of the Downtown NY scene. A pivotal publication for the time, Newspaper was a product of the conceptual art movement and an emphasis on media systems and subversion. In 1970 it was part of the Information show at MoMA -- widely acknowledged as the first large survey on conceptual art. Over the years and after the AIDS crisis, Newspaper was lost and Steve Lawrence's work faded into obscurity.


      In researching the original, NEWSPAPER has been inspired to make a call for the return of the transgression of earlier queer forefathers — an intellectual awareness, openness and love deeply informed by countercultural thinking. It is an exercise of looking back in order to move forward. As particular queer images of beauty, body, consciousness, and identity have emerged in mainstream visual culture and media, damage has been done. Over time they have established themselves in most media. This will be a space for artists, living and dead, that loudly or quietly promote an investigation or redefinition of these images in order to express their own sensibility.


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      > 42 × 29 cm

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