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    Baron by Allyssa Heuze Investigates modern flirting, by rendering emoji’s and abbreviations from text messages and social networking apps, where words are replaced by symbols. The images contain numerous examples of this, including the rose which is commonly used to communicate ‘love’. In our digital world, new technology is changing language from new verbs added to the dictionary to the replacement of words with symbols and abbreviations.



    Allyssa Heuze (1994) is a photographer drawn towards the ideas of metaphors, everyday objects and realities. Often mixing still life installations and portraiture to attract the viewer's imagination by creating playful alternative narratives. Heuze was one of the ten finalists of this years 33rd Festival d'Hyères with her personal project OÏ, where she challenges mainstream sexual representations.


    Limited edition

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    > 6 x 12 Inch


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