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    Put your hand through the mailbox, Extra Extra No 8 brings together scintillating interviews, conversations, sweltering imagery and commissioned essays.

    With the new edition we welcome a plethora of city dwellers. Fashioning a magical cinema of longing, director Alain Guiraudie sat down with Paul Dallas to talk about both his fascination and repulsion. In London we picked up Tim Hoare’s thrilling instalment of the Musings series. How to ward off the evil eye?
    Next, catch a flight from Kyoto to Stockholm or vice-versa, along with dancer and choreographer Shintaro Oue who speaks candidly about matters of the heart, true love and feeling lost as a way of life.

    Take a peek at the enticing imagery, this new issue boasts Lena C. Emery, as she lovingly dresses the female form in her shots; George Nebieridze, one of the sparkling stars of the Berlin photography scene; from London and Berlin we travel to Baroda and get lost in the unique figurative works by accountant-turned-artist Bhupen Khakhar; Helen Verhoeven immerses in the classical artist-muse relationship with the beautiful Libby, and in New York the intimate, dreamy portraits of Shen Wei entrance while rendering a secretive and poetic world.
    Inhale the sun shining over the harbour city of Marseille with Extra Extra’s Urbex – Richard John Jones unveils the forbidden pleasures and transformative desires of the city contemplating writers, émigrés, strays and pleasure seekers.

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