• Baron Issue 3


      ‘Unlike “real relationships”, “virtual relationships” are easy to enter and to exit. They look smart and clean, feel easy to use, when compared with the heavy, slow-moving, messy real stuff,’ argued 88-year-old sociologist Zygmunt Bauman.


      Sex is often a vital part of romantic relationships. But what happens to sex in a world where everything is becoming digitized? And in a world where all of social life is measured against the ability to consume? “The Future of Sex” is a journey into the uncanny and hyper real world that increasingly shapes our experience of sex.


      For Postmodern thinkers like Jean Baudrillard and Umberto Eco our society is now characterized by prefabricated images and experiences. With the advent of new real time media, the hyper real world has worked its way into our bedrooms. At the same time, “The Future of Sex” investigates what Bauman calls ‘liquid identities’, which nowadays extends to social media and sex.


      Welcome to “The Future of Sex” – a world in which sexuality is fluid and the hyper real world caters for it! “The Future of Sex” introduces two guest editors, Robert Henry Rubin the editor of cult magazine NIGHT, and the infamous club kid Michael Alig, plus a sassy foreword by Brett Anderson from Suede.


      Baron Magazine Issue 3 is our biggest issue yet and we all know bigger is better. Starring the worlds finest perverts: Prince Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, Blommers/Schumm, Jason Evans, Neil Drabble, Harley Weir, Asger Carlsen, Darian Darling, Brandon Olson, Lady Starlight, Jordan Clark, Eli Craven, Stefen Ruitenbeek, Johnny Dufort, nightcoregirl, Milk, Ernie Glam, Bjarne Melgaard, Eva Stenram, Isabelle Wenzel, Colin Dodgson, Camgirls Project, Angela Washko, Alexandra Vogt, Nina Antonia, Alexander Kattke, Juliana Huxtable, Walt Cassidy, Mark SaFranko, Tony O’Neill and our cover stars Inside Flesh. 


      > 400 pages

      > Soft cover book

      > 2014

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